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Penny Did IT Again!!!! Egg


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Penny did it again!!!! Laid an egg last night.
Been almost 2 years since the last luckily which was Feb 2020.

P1000929 (2).JPG

I knew something was up when she decided for the first night to sleep on the cage bottom with her bum up.
I was very worried as I figured what was going on. It was late almost midnight so I just sat up for a few hours on the computer
talking softly to her trying to relax her. I went to bed hoping all would be well in the morning extremely concerned
that I would have to find a vet to look at her on an emergency.

Penny was born in 1998 so she is no spring chicken & this egg thing is really upsetting.
I wish she would find other ways to show she is happy!

I found it on the cage floor. I took it out & changed her papers & put it back. She is not really paying any attention to it but I will leave it.
Last time she ending up pecking at it.

Penny has been rubbing her vent on her perch masturbating for the last few weeks.
Seems she did this 2 years ago before she laid 2 eggs.
She has been on the cage bottom alot ripping her her cage liner.
I may have to put it under the grate for a while to discourage her but 2 years ago the paer was under the grate & she laid the eggs anyway.

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