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Old German Owl Pigeons, breeders?


Walking the driveway

I have fallen in love with the old German owl pigeon species and I would love to bring one into our flock.
I currently have a senior ,(26yrs now? Its hard to keep track) ring neck dove who is so lonely since we have had to return to work and I also have an 8yr old rescued house sparrow.(had him since he was kicked out of his nest with no feathers...we searched and could not find his nest fyi)

I live in an apartment and I have to work 5 days a week. Both my birds are in cages too large to fit through standard door ways, but my heart breaks leaving them especially our senior dove.

He is so attached to humans it breaks my heart leaving him. He gets stressed if I even walk out of sight...obviously I don't plan on caging a new bird with him...(I believe in every bird must have their own cage space) but I wonder if a pigeon (a bird of his size) might be a comfort and companion. My house sparrow is terrified of him and for good reason, he can't be quite the bully.

Does anyone know where I can find a breeder in ontario, Canada??

Please and thank you