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Need help with taming a conure


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So I have a pair of green cheek conures, they are super bonded to each other. They live in the same cage as well One of the conures has a great relationship with me, but the other one is super scared of my hands. He will run or fly away if my hands are near. He also knows that everything around him is safe so he isn't scared of the environment which I think its harder for him to learn to trust me. Are there any suggestions on how to tame him and earn his trust?


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I have two conures one of them will step up onto my hand or my wifes will climb all over us the other is much more weary of us and if a finger is offered for her to step up she is away i have had her approx 9 months ( she will however take a treat from my hand.
I stopped offering my hand to step up a long time ago my rationale if she is flying off she feels threatened.
If i offer her a treat i call her name and she has to come to me to get it so all her choice.
I have now got to the point she will land on my hand when out sit there on it for a while give it the odd nip to check it out so she is gaining confidence.
Dont think your doing anything wrong as one is happy to go on your hand and one wont they are just different.
Time and patience is the key for me just let things develop on there own over time.