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My canary cannot hold still with his legs


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Hello forum,
First of all - there are other topics closing mine, but I want to upload a video of my canary's problem and understand what the thing is, so if an admin finds this post as a duplicated one, please excuse me :)

So, let's get to the point. A week ago, I left my canary alone in his cage (with a huge amount of food and water) for 3 days. Then, when I arrived back home, he was "relaxing" on the stick and when he saw me greeted me. The rest of the day he stayed on the stick (he moved only for food and water). 2 days go I saw that he actually has some kind of problem with his legs. Somehow he lost his grip, idk if that is the exact definition. He is now in his "feather changer" period (we live in Europe, it is not cold yet) and he don't sing but that is a normal thing every year happens. In this period, the previous years back he was less active than normal, but he was getting better with the ability to sing again. However, now I worry about him, could something be wrong?
His mother is a canary bird, but his father is a poll (translated from my lang, idk if that is the right definition). He is 8 to 10 years old (i have him from 8 years). He eats and drinks water without a problem.

EDIT: Apparently I can't attach a video, so here is a link -> VEED - kuni.mp4

Any help would be highly appreciated,
Best Regards


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Loss of leg strength is definitely something to confer with your vet about. It could be a deficiency, old age or some other health problem. They may need to run some tests to find the cause.