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My Birdie


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Hey guys, I just wanted to reach out to people who might understand. MY Birdie yep that's his name is really showing signs of old age and it's breaking my heart. He's over 16 and I've had him since an egg basically. A friend hatched him for me. In March he just started tilting his head weird and star gazing. I thought an ear infection because he likes to get in the spiquet when I'm at the sink. The vet gave him antibiotics but said he thought he had a brain tumor. Of course I asked the vet how long they normally live he said between 12-15 years. At that point I already knew what was going on. He is so frail but still eating and drinking. He almost acts blind. I been making sure he eats and drinks and keep a towel in the bottom of his cage. A fluffy one. Should I be doing something different? I do work alot but when I get home I try to hold him until bedtime. I even let him sleep with me until he gets fidgety. Please advise?


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Welcome, I'm sorry to hear about birdie. You obviously gave him an extremely healthy and happy. That is everyone's goal here.