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Mousebird release


Moving in
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Good day.

I rescued two mousebirds one October. Upon rescuing them, a rehab centre told me they can’t be released after imprinting on a human. Which they both did. They are the greatest bird ever and I love them. I want them with me forever, but the one mousebird (Newton) looks very eager to be outside. The issue is I can’t released the other one (Galileo) as well because she only has one leg. Newton doesn’t always pine to go outside and it isn’t every day that he does this. He usually sits happily in his Christmas tree or on the old tree inside and plays with Galileo. I won’t be able to do a soft release where I live because our neighbourhood has a cat problem. (It’s really a neighbour problem). Please help me with ideas. They are allowed to fly in a 4mx4m room every day all day and I take them to the rest of the house daily as well for more space. I love him and I never want to lose him and I don’t want Galileo to lose him, but he deserves happiness. Please help me. Can I take him to a farm and let him out for a while at a time whilst I read or something?