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Mousebird fledgling


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Hi, I live in South Africa and my son found a baby mousebird hoppeting around on the ground. We looked for a nest and parents but couldn't see any and it looked like great cat fodder any minute so we took it home. We have had it about for 7 days now, it's growing fast, feeding bits of fruit from tweezers and getting more feathers - I'm just a little unsure what to feed it (I think it must be at least 2-3 weeks old) starting to fly. We asked a local bird rehab what to do, she said it looks pretty attached to my son and vice versa so we got a cage and are looking after the little guy/girl. I'm not sure whether we should be aiming to release it - the rehab lady said not much chance it will survive if we do...so my son is thrilled but I'm wondering how much space we should have this bird in and also if anyone has any idea how to teach it to sand bath (wil it learn on it's own). it likes to snuggle up in a jacket for warmth ...any ideas on heating at night (apparently they get cold easily and in the wild cuddle up together). At present we have been heating up seed heating pads at night (am a bit tired of midnight bird warming...so would like suggestions on appropriate heating bulbs? Sorry loads of questions - little overwhelmed with new baby ;P


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South Africa, Durban
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Hey thanks for saving the little Mousebirds.

I am located in Durban South Africa. You are welcome to call or whatsapp me for more info in regards to mousebird care (+27) 0728010606