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Pictures Just an update on all the birds


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*could a moderate please help me fix the title, to an update, I would appreciate it alot :)
If you don't want to read the novel ahead, you can just skip to the pictures :lol:Many of you know we got cockatiel and a conure not too long ago, and they didn't come very far apart. Lots has happened even with the budgies.
Let's start with Lemonpie the cockatiel: he is still missing his tail feathers, because when he gets spooked he gets a little crazy and his growing tail feathers fall out. But otherwise he is still very friendly, a little more skittish and got a little aggressive over shoulders. But that problem is disappearing very quickly. He is less picky. But man I just love him! We are very extremely bonded to him. I tried introducing Lemonpie to the budgies, but he is terrified of them probably because they are flying everywhere crazy and sprinkles is always very interested in him. There is something so special about Lemonpie. He is so innocent and funny! He's even learning how to copy tunes.

Meloncita: she is a birdy with sass! I feel like she's bipolar :wacky:one minute she will be so cuddly and chill, and the next she will be rubbing her face against my shirt and I cannot touch her without getting bit. I found out how to get her on her back. Being on her back is special for cuddles, and she needs something to hold onto. She takes a bath every opportunity she gets. She definitely bathes more than once a day. As I said she is moody, so I tend to keep her away from the other birds just to keep everyone safe. I had to cut quarantine early because the stove had emitted some fumes by accident(had to move her next to the budgies). But all is good. Whenever I turn on water, she gets snuggly and sweet, I have no idea why. She is so full if energy. She also loves to throw temper tantrums when I put her to bed, and after she's done she'll be grinding her beak.

The budgies: well.....lots has happened with them. It seems as though new birds has really helped them. They use to not chew their toys much. No balsa, sola, mahogany slices, loofah. Nothing, and now they destroy absolutely everything. And so you can imagine how much higher the toy bill got:hilarious: I don't mind at the least, seeing them shred stuff is soooooo satisfying. They come over to see me more, which I really like.
20220529_103030.jpg 20220512_140807.jpg 20220428_124941.jpg 20220516_113009.jpg



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Emma Smith
Gorgeous pics you have a lovely flock nice to see the buddies enjoying toys (not so good on the purse tho haha )


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I picked up toy parts (balsa cubes, sola chips, mahogany slices, etc). Once they tear up the toy, I just restring new pieces on the same toy. Definitely much cheaper!


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Great pics and update :)