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January 2021 Mayor of the Avenue... Greylady1966 (Carol)

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Our "Mayor of the Avenue" award is presented to a member who exhibits the qualities that distinguish them to be an upstanding credit to the Avenue, a loving, informed, conscientious and caring bird parront and an all around good neighbor.

I am happy to announce that Carol is January's Mayor of the Month.
I enjoyed reading your interview, and am sure that everyone else will as well!

1. What kind of birds do you have (age, species and names)?

Howard, BFA, unknown
Billy, BFA, 31 years old.
Koko, BG, 31 or 32
Toby, parrotlett, 19
Popper, parrotlett, 2 or 3
Sky, Bourke, unknown
Tiki, Bourke, unknown
Blueberry, parakeet, unknown

2. What got you interested in birds?

My parents loved watching wild birds at our acreage and taught me a lot about the different species. My interest in parrots grew from there.

3. What have your birds brought to your life?

My birds have brought joy, laugher, tears, and a sense of peace to our house.

4. What have you learned from sharing your life with your birds?

In sharing my life with birds I've learned unconditional love applies to them as much as it does with my husband and daughter. Good or bad, sick or healthy, I will always be there for them. I made that choice years ago.

5. What's one birdie memory that will stay with you forever?

The one memory that I will never forget is bringing Nikki, my CAG, home. We put her house in the back of our suv and I was so worried about her I had my husband drive so I could lay in the back with her. I didn't know she talked, the people just wanted her gone because she bite their kid. I got really car sick from riding in the back and Nikki started copying every sound I made. She than made several very realistic phone calls close to my ear to someone. She laughed, asked me if I was OK and I actually replied to her does it look like it???

6. Where is your birds main living area?

What used to be our living room is the birds area. We moved the TV and couches in a different room. I don't watch TV so it's nice to have an area just for them.

7. Did you change things in your home to accommodate your birds and if so what kinds of things did you change?

I've had parrots since I was 17 and am now 59. I was used to not using sprays, heavy cleaners ect. I read as much as I can find on new information regarding bird health and safety so I can change what I need to. I've been married 32 years to a wonderful man that didn't mind at all to give up some of his favorite pots and pans!

8. Are you involved in any kind of bird related group or activities?

Unfortunately there are no bird clubs in my area.

9. What is the one luxury item you would love to have for your bird(s)?

The one luxury item I hope to have this spring is a large screened in area for the parrots.

10. Is there any bird that you dream of owning and if so why?

I don't really have a dream bird, I love the ones I have.

11. Describe a typical day with you at home with your birds.

Our day starts at 8:00. Koko and Billy want out right away to eat and play. Howard is always the last to get going. We get them fed and than Koko gets time in the kitchen with me. When Howard gets up he gets his meds and plays on his stand until about 1:30. Than he's ready for a nap. When Billy and Koko see him go in they go in. Late afternoon the three big birds are in the kitchen while the little ones are out flying. Howard gets up snack time, little ones go in and Koko and Billy are in the bird room while Howard stays in the kitchen. 8:30 we start to get them ready for bed, supper and Koko gets her time with me.

12. What have you learned about owning birds that you would like to share?

I have learned I will always have more to learn. Listen to people with experience, be willing to take advice.

13. If you knew then what you know now about birds, what would you do differently?

I would have put more money into cages at the start, instead of replacing them so much.

14. What other hobbies do you have?

I love to read and watch birds outside. We're in the country and this year was my first big garden which I really enjoyed. I also enjoy looking for antique parrot items and reading history books.

15. Anything else you would like to share?

I want to thank every one on the forum for advice I've gotten. I really enjoy my time here. There are a lot of caring wonderful people on here with so much information that they take the time to share. Thank you.


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It's always a nice blessing to find a hubby that supports us. (Mine actually carried a used cage down several flights of stairs for Secret). So......congrats to the hubby, too!

Fergus Mom

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Rollerblading along the road
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Doroteja Lenassi
She than made several very realistic phone calls close to my ear to someone. She laughed, asked me if I was OK and I actually replied to her does it look like it???
:coffeescreen:.. must've been quite the picture! :rofl:

As a Howard fan I can't imagine a better deserving person. CONGRATS!
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