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Important Warnings for all Roadies...Please Read

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Birds Outside Without a Harness:
Please be aware if you choose to bring your birds outside without a harness or in a secure cage that you place them at risk. Even birds with clipped wings and who have never shown any interest or ability to fly can get airborne with the right gust of wind or if something unexpectedly frightens them and in the excitement of the moment can fly away or into danger. We recommend using flight suits, harnesses or closed cages when bringing birds outside. Please keep your birds safe. It is your responsibility.

Interaction Between Birds and Cats and Dogs and Other Animals:
It just takes a split second for an accident to happen even with very well behaved cats and dogs who are taken by surprise. Cat saliva can be deadly to birds. Saliva toxins can kill within a matter of minutes or a few days. Scratches and bites from both cats and dogs and other animals can cause severe injury and/or death.

Be aware that dogs and cats who have been fine for years showing no interest in your birds can change as they get older. Please do not become lulled into a false sense of security. Cats and dogs can react unexpectedly for many reasons when least expected. It is your responsibility to protect your flock.

Also be aware of the potential danger to the other animals in your household. A bird's bite can inflict serious damage to another animal and in the worse case scenario can result in death. Please be careful, Roadies. It is your responsibility to keep all your beloved pets safe.

Teflon Pans and Other Products With PTFE:
Overheating pans with PTFE will cause toxic deadly fumes that can kill birds in a matter of minutes. Older pans with PTFE can 'leak' the toxins as well.http://forums.avianavenue.com/safety-avenue/2143-household-products-may-contain-ptfe.html

Know What Woods are Safe or Toxic:
When making your own perches or branches for birds to chew on it's imperative to know what is safe. http://forums.avianavenue.com/healthy-highway/383-toxic-list.html
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