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How To: How to watch or unwatch threads / forums

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How to ¨watch¨ or ¨unwatch¨ threads/forums

If there is a forum or thread that you are interested in, and want to be alerted every time someone posts something new in, you can ¨watch¨ the thread/post.

How to ¨watch¨ a thread;

By participating in a thread or starting a thread, it will automatically go onto your ¨watch¨ list, and you don´t need to add it manually. However, if you don´t want to comment but would like to receive the alerts, then go to the thread you are interested in. In the top right corner click the word ¨watch¨

A pop-up box will appear to ask if you would like to receive email notifications.
Select the box you prefer, and click the blue ¨watch¨ button


How to ¨watch¨ a forum;

Unlike the threads, you won´t automatically have the forum added to your watch list when you participate so these must be added manually.

Go to the forum you wish to ¨watch¨. Click the ¨watch¨ button.


A pop-up box will appear with different alert options. Choose your preferences and then click the blue ¨watch¨ button

How to ¨unwatch¨ a thread

You can ¨unwatch¨ a thread by clicking ¨unwatch¨ in the top right corner of the thread.
A pop-up will appear to confirm. Click the blue ¨unwatch¨ button.


How to ¨unwatch¨ a forum

Go to the forum you wish to ¨unwatch¨, click ¨unwatch¨

A pop-up box will ask you if you are sure. Click the blue ¨unwatch¨ button

Manage / view ¨watched¨ threads and forums

Click the black triangle to the right of the word ¨watched¨, this is found at the top of the forums list (Homepage).

Click either ¨Watched threads¨ or ¨Watched forums¨ from the list.
Here you will find a list of everything you are ¨watching¨.
You will also be able to enable/disable email notifications, enable/disable alerts, and delete items from ¨watched¨ list by clicking the little box, selecting the action from the dropdown list and clicking the blue ¨go¨ button.

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