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How to make moving the cage less stressful...


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My oldest baby is graduating from high school in less than two weeks, and in planning for her graduation party, I have started to re-think where I have Lucy's cage. It has been in our living room since she came home in February, but I would like to permanently move it upstairs to a room adjacent to my office. I have a budgie in that same room, and they have interacted a few times through the cage bars. Lucy is somewhat familiar with the room, as she is usually with me for most of the day. We pass by the budgie cage and through that room multiple times a day. Lucy has a couple of table top stands that I carry with us as I move about the house with her, and we will continue to do that. She only spends time in her cage when I leave the house (for errands or kid activities) and at night, but she likes it well enough. Once the party is over, I intend to get a larger tree stand for our living room so she has a more permanent place on our first floor (the floor plan is open to the kitchen and dining spaces).
I wonder how much stress this might cause Lucy. I think we are just past the honeymoon stage, because recently she has shown some extreme reactions to pretty normal daily things -- like shrieking and cowering when I pick up a broom within her eye sight, squawking at me while flying to my husband (her least favorite person) for protection when I pick up a bottle of soda, etc. Is there anything I can do to make the process easier for her? And, as a side question, should I keep her in the house while we are having the party (it will be open house style with maybe 40 guests total for three hours) or find a friend who can keep her for a bit? (She has never been without me in another space before.) Thank you!


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I'd say the room with the budgie might work if you can padlock both cages. An accidental escape can do you budgie grave damage. The company would be good for both though. Do you have an extra cage that you can do small stays in up there, while she gets used to it? Especially for the house party though, I'd make both birds off limits up there with the door shut.