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How long will it be till I can bring my GCC home


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Hi I’m new to this website and parrots in general I mighty not have this in the right area
I was wondering since I’m getting my green cheek conure from one of my moms work freind who I have met before as I was preparing to get a sun conure she said her green cheek pair were acting like their going to lay some eggs and I was wondering between now and when they hatch witch sounds like it take 24 days for incubation but how long after that will it take for them to be ready to come to me I just want to know because if I have 6 months till then I can wait to get all of my things and or make the items but if I only have a month then I should start now thank you
Also we have chickens and lots of chickens like we’re nearing a hundred between my geandmas farm and our house I was wondering how much can chickens and GCCs have in common and what things can I use for both like sunflower seeds for treats if I could take some before we make are mix for are chickens and then don’t need to buy treats for both or as much at least thank you if you have any more questions or tips any thing helps


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They usually wean around 8 to 12 weeks