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how long until food goes bad?


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wow it’s been over a year since i’ve been active on here tbh i kinda forgot this website existed so i’m sorry about that lol. :pinklol3:

so i was wanting to make a foraging toy out of a clean ice cube tray for my cockatiel, and i wanted to use seeds in it to make it higher reward for her (as i normally feed a blend of pellets along with fresh foods/cooked grains on days she isn’t too picky)

but the thing is, is that the seed mix that i have is over a year old (i used to feed it to her when she was a baby bird since she used to have issues with losing weight, if anyone remembers my frantic posts from back then lol)

i have no problem with running down to the store tomorrow to get new seed for her because i definitely don’t wanna give her anything that will make her sick, but i’d also hate to have all that food go to waste since it’s over a pound of seeds

the seed has been in an airtight container the whole time and has no mold or bugs, and it also doesn’t smell any different than fresh seed does so it doesn’t appear to have gone bad but i definitely don’t want to put her at risk so i wanted to double check with other people on here

i really hope this doesn’t make me look like a bad birdie owner, i’m trying my best to keep her as happy and healthy as i can :(
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Personally I would buy new seed tomorrow and give the stuff you have to pigeons in the park.

My tubs of seed come with an expiration date (about a year)... I never get close to it so I haven't had to deal with expired food. So your seed might be ok, but personally I don't think it is worth it to feed it... just in case!


Strolling the yard
I would also likely pick up new seed. I look at it this way, seed mix is generally inexpensive and the risk vs reward wouldn't justify me using the old seed.