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How do I know if it’s time to let him go?


Moving in
I’m so sorry about your dog! It is such a horrible feeling and a terrible decision.

Thank you all. I took him to the vet on Tuesday. He has severe arthritis in his wings and is unable to move his left wing now, the reason he is falling over. He is underweight, but otherwise he is in fairly good shape for a very old bird.

Vet gave me some pain meds and anti inflammatories and we made an appt for next Tuesday for follow up. We’re giving him a week to see how he responds. He does seem a bit perkier and his partner is sitting with him again, so there’s that. I’ve been spoiling him with millet and greens and extra treatises. If this is his final week, it will be a good one :)
How is your guy doing?? I am holding a recovering parrotlet now or I would chat more.