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Friendly lovebird turns aggresive


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Question for you peoplso a little bit of context;
I've had Skittles for 3 years. I hand feeded her when she was a couple weeks old and she became super friendly and loving. She is a female. She is nice. Has some moments when she is more moody and will nip a bit to let us know she needs us to leave her alone. But all in all she is good. Steps up on our fingers, we can do whatever we want with her she is really cuddly. Will lay on her back in our pqlm etc. In the last year she became a lot closer with my boyfriend who is more often home. She is still sweet with me but Has a clear preference for him whenever he is home. Is the past months she became a bit more difficult when he is not home at all and Im alone with her. She will be more vocal mainly on those days and seem more moody but nothing to be alarmes with, up until yesterday.

Yesterday out of nowhere she attacked me and I dont mean just little bites here and there I mean a real attack would not let go of my skin, was biting every inch of my shoulder and neck she could, really hard and was making these really scary growling sound that really freaked me out! A wild cat with feathers! I managed after a while to get her off and put her back in her cage but my shoulder was bloody at some spots, swollen and red and now I have bruises on some of the spots. I know its a tiny thing so its sounds intense to be marked like that but it was pretty intense and so unlike her.

I wonder if this ever happened to anyone and what could possibly be the cause of it? Im thinking maybe its hormonal since its spring and she is a hen? Could it be? What could I do to make sure that this does not happen again?


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Julia A
I’ve heard of cockatiels becoming aggressive after a night fright. Could she have had one?


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I'm guessing she is getting very hormonal, especially with spring here. Avoid anywhere where she can nest, and only touch her on her head. I can only give you advice from that, maybe @Zara can give some more advice?


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Yesterday out of nowhere she attacked me
¨ She has always loved us, but one day out of nowhere, she became such a mean bird.¨
You could perhaps benefit from reading this article, as what you said is a direct example from there. Here is the link;

I managed after a while to get her off and put her back in her cage
As a side note, don´t cage your bird after biting. The cage is a safe, fun space, not a punishment.
My birds are flighted and good flyers, I use whatever I have to hand to gently nudge the bird off of me when I have two birds on me fighting (with each other). I have never had any bird attack me out of nowhere (except a goose that chased me for my duck soft toy when I was a small child).
I would keep her off of your shoulders for a little while and see how things go.