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Female Blue Front Amazon, Roxie - looking for her next home


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Hey everyone -
Roxie had two trials where she did not quite "fit in". Phoenix Landing was monitoring her and found her a third prospective home. I am happy to report that the third try was a charm! The director contacted me to let me know that she was fully adopted. I will not know the new home. Part of the agreement in PL is to keep anonymity. Since I know the director well and I "fostered" Roxie for 12 years(!), she was happy to share this result with me. I guess this home has 2 other amazons. AND - Roxie has made a good buddy of one of them!
Holy cow! She just needed the right match after all these years to be able to make friends with someone other than her one and only person (mate bond).
I am thrilled and wanted to share this as a fine example of what it can mean to let go because your pet will do better in a different situation.
Thanks for keeping this forum active. I appreciate that you guys are invested in helping the parrots and each other.
This is such wonderful news! Thanks so much for updating us.