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February 2020 Mayor of the Avenue... tka

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Rollerblading along the road
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London, UK
I would've never thought (if I needed to move) to have Buddy put on a rental contract. Great out of the box thinking and advice. Landlords do have a tendency to :cautious::eek: change their minds!
That's exactly why I did it! The rental market in my city is notoriously tough, and I know too many people whose landlords have initially said "yes" to a pet then changed their mind. I actually lost out on a flat because of Leia. The landlord initially said yes, then apparently did some googling, no doubt found something on macaws/cockatoos chewing the walls, panicked, and I got the call to say "no" as I was heading over to sign the papers. Infuriating! But it turned out for the best - my current place is bigger and both closer to work and Leia's vets.
Not open for further replies.