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Pictures Chloe's making tons of progress with harness training!


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Chloe wore her leather harness today! :cheer::cheer: she's doing so well with it! She wore it for about 15 minutes then we took it off. Putting it on was actually easier than taking it off... Lol. She did well both times but while taking it off I think I startled her because I had another part of the harness in my hand and it went close to her face without my realizing it. But she settled down well afterwards and was tolerant with letting me finish removing it. Lots of praise and a cashew for her awesome progress and conquering her fears!!

This leathers4feathers harness seems much, much less intimidating for her. I opted not to get a colored one and stuck with the plain undyed vegetable tanned leather, and it's soft but not flimsy so I think it feels better on her too... But it's much less intimidating to her while putting it on because it doesn't have a closed loop that has to slide over her head/face. It has a snap rivet in the back and I started getting her comfortable with it just by having it layed out on my lap, then sitting with her on top of it/on my lap. The way the harness lays out actually makes it easy to pull one side up and around her wing, clip it, then the other side, without inciting much stress for her :laugh::heart:



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Awww! What great progress!