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Baytril Side Effects


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My 15 year old baby bird Tilly was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection 2 weeks ago. We struggled giving her Baytril orally so when we returned to the vet they gave us Baytril to put in her nebuliser. She gets F10 nebulised twice a day and Baytril once a day. At the vet she had a nasal flush, a sample from this was taken and tested which resulted in a diagnosis of bacteria infection. This has definitely improved her breathing overall and i can no longer hear clicking or wheezing (only when she's just come from her f10 nebulising). Since the Baytril has started she's spending more time at the bottom of her cage. Not excessive but she just seems to be cuddling into a corner. I've been cleaning the bottom every morning whilst she's in her nebuliser chamber so it's clean.

I'm wondering, is this a side effect from the Baytril? Could she be feeling nauseous? She's eating fine, weight is fine. Still talking and singing all be it not as much as usual. I spend all day every day with her so when she does these little things it catches my attention. I've barely slept for the last 2 weeks worrying about her. I thought we were over the worst of it with the bad breathing but now she's doing this I'm a nervous wreck. I wasn't sure if it's due to breeding season or anything but she always seems to lay her eggs in November. She's only started that in the last 2 years. Sorry for the long post just thought maybe someone more experienced could keep me right.


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I definitely think they get nauseous with this antibiotic. It's definitely one I try to avoid .

Azithromycin is also broad spectrum, it is oral tho, only once every other day for five doses. Seems to work really excellent in birds ,, very fast acting.

With baytril you almost always get secondary yeast overgrowth. And yeast overgrowth also seems to make them nauseous. Myself I prefer nystsin to treat yeast. Seems to be mild to them and also works great