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After Landing on me, lovie bites if I don’t feed him


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What I’m trying to figure out: Whenever my lovebird, Dusty, lands on my hand, if i don’t give him food within 5ish seconds he starts biting my hands, increasing the pressure until I either give him food or get him to fly off.

Hello! I’ve lurked these forums pretty regularly until school year started. I received a lovebird relatively recently back in mid September so he’s pretty skittish still. When I first got him, I could walk into the room, go sit down and he would freak out. After a lot of treats and target training he now flies to my hand 4/5 times I hold it up in position :bliss: The only problem I have is that if i try to get him to just hang out there without food he will start biting my fingers.:peek1:

I assume he thinks that since it’s my fingers that bring food they might also be food? I’ve tried to ignore the bites and I can usually hold off for about 2-3 nips before I break and take him off. I think I may have made a mistake when trying to get him to trust my hands by feeding him every single time he landed on my hands. It doesn’t seem to be an aggressive or fearful response but I’m not sure what I can do :unsure1:. I know it’s a me problem but does anyone have any advice in how my behavior/training should change?

(I’ll try to put some pictures of him up in a bit)


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@Zara has lovies.. Any ideas?


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When your bird bites you, immediately put him down on the closest thing (you may find it handy to have a little stand nearby). Don´t react, don´t draw attention to the bite and just ingnore your bird for a minute. Take a couple of steps back.

The only problem I have is that if i try to get him to just hang out there without food he will start biting my fingers.
Remember, not all birds like to sit around, it is quite boring. Try playing with a toy with your bird so there is something fun to do :)
Get three plastic lids (caps), put a seed or a treat on the table and cover it with one cap, mix them around and see if your bird can find the treat. Get a little ball with a bell to play with together. There are lots of simple games you can create :)