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A little help...


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My ugh... somehow ex has decided to 'help' raise an orphaned adolescent pigeon. He has no idea what he's doing and I'm giving him the stuff I have on hand since my budget is busted. (I've been in a car accident and need to heal up.) The bird is eating on his own, cries a lot, needs some extra cuddles, etc. I told him I have my hands full with my flock and would only give him advice on how to proceed. We're three days in. The cage needed clean up, (I did that.), the bird needed fresh food and liquids, (I did this too.), and a few perches and toys. I've also provided a stuffed parrot toy he can use for company.

I want to recap the diet since I have the time.

(I'm using almond milk to provide some essential fats, warm water, parrot breeder pellets, chicken mash, dog kibble, finch seed, and either sweet potatoes or apples as needed).

I'm thinking this guy is roughly at the age when the parents would be making him learn to forage for himself, so it's a hands off venture for me. What in this diet needs to change? I'm already planning to buy some pigeon food and I'm looking into a rehome since the ;bf; doesn't seem to understand what I am saying. I do plan to discontinue the almond milk (brand is silk vanilla flavor unsweetened) by thursday if everyone agrees. I'm waiting for a supplement to arrive and I wont get it before then. Under no circumstances do I plan to keep this bird. I've got some healing to do and my own life to deal with. I've had a pigeon before and really I'm just not into this kind of bird. They stress me out.


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@Birdbabe may be able to help you. She is very knowledgeable about pigeons and their care.