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  1. Blub

    Why is my lovebird panicking all off a sudden?

    My lovebird (male, about 4.5 months old) has been acting weird lately. He's acting very paranoid and panicky in his cage when it is bed time (online time when he is in his cage). First I thought it was Night fright, but it also happens when it's still light. This has been going on for like 2...
  2. asdf6121

    Help sexing a young recessive pied?

    Hello! My new budgie is a young recessive pied, which are very hard to sex. I've heard differing opinions on mine. Would love some feedback from those with more experience!
  3. HarrietGC

    GCC brothers agressive behaviour

    Hi everyone. I have two green cheek conure brothers named Tokio and Hero, and they are 10 months old. The subject of this post is that I’m starting to get more and more concerned about their behaviour towards each other, specifically Tokio towards Hero. Tokio has started to become quite...
  4. RadLad

    My New Bird

    So, I'm a first time cockatiel owner and I'm so worried about my 2 month old cockatiel. We got him yesterday, and obviously, he just sat on his perch the whole day, sometimes would move from perch to perch, chew on the perch and preen. So we thought he was already adjusting quite well. I woke...
  5. L

    What is this birds age? Google isn't helping..

    I got a few budgies just 6 days ago, in fact 9 budgies. :swoon: He was moving out of his home and was getting rid of all his birds, there was 20 he said. He didn't know their age or where they were from. He had bought them from a foreign guy who spoke our language (finnish) very little, and the...
  6. beans1150

    New Bird Owner

    Hey everyone, so I’m new here and to bird owning. I just got a 6.5 month old male peach-faced lovebird and I have a few questions. Before I got the bird I did some research and Lovebirds seemed like a good way to go for me. I have a medium Hagen Vision cage (I think that’s what it’s called) with...
  7. N

    Lovebirds for preschool aged children (4-6 yo)

    Hi everyone, I am interested to hear everyone's opinion regarding whether lovebirds are appropriate for children 4-6 years old. I have a handfed companion lovebird that I personally trained and put a lot of effort into raising him to be the bird he is today. My boyfriend's nieces have taken a...
  8. B


    hello, i am this accounts owners friend and will be posting this on hers since i dont have an account yet and this is an urgent matter. and i have 2 budgies. originally i had one budgie, snowie and then got another budgie, sunnie. at first i thought snowie was a boy because i got him when he was...
  9. D

    Baby budgie help

    So I have had my budgie who I suspect is a male, for about a month, and he's around 2 months old but can't fly and has barely any wings or tail. I think he will be fine, just a late bloomer, but I want to make sure that he will be ok. Photo is attatchrd. Thankyou
  10. Tempted2Touch

    Macaw and the floor

    Im not sure if anyone has experience this but when I go visit my B&G at Golden Cockatoo I typically hold him while sitting and he loves it, but sometimes he either ends up jumping off or slips off me and ends up on the ground. Now he doesn't hurt himself I've very gentle but it seems as though...