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yeast infection

  1. NotKayli

    Urgent Yeast Infection Cockatiel Help! (Sad Update #15)

    hello first time on the forum but i use it to get opinions on bird things big n small but unfortunately today my heart is breaking. yesterday night he seemed really cold it’s been uncomfortable in our home due to a number of things & we’ve been doing what we can & thankfully tomorrow we’ll be...
  2. T

    AGY treatment

    So my male budgie became sick about four months ago he always had poop stuck to his vent so I took him to vet and the doctor said he has infection and gave him gentamicin and another antibiotic which I don't remember it's name after some time using the medicine my became healthy again and was...
  3. birdlovekk

    Urgent Baytril+Doxycycline+Meloxicam together okay? ACV for yeast infection?

    Hi all! I've been reading posts, but this is my first time posting. I'm really desperate for advice. One of my birds nearly died the day before yesterday, and the other one has been quite sick for three weeks. I hope someone has experience with these medications. ----- Short version: I...