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wing clip

  1. Heidi

    Help - It this normal? (Loss of Appetite from Wing-Trim)

    Loss of Appetite from Wing-Trim ??!!?! After a long time of debating pros & cons of flighted feathers vs. trimmed wings, I trimmed my Senegal parrot’s wings. She was used to being able to fly anywhere she wanted. I made this choice because I moved to a new studio apartment that is very small &...
  2. L

    How should I clip my bird's wings?

    Hey everyone! I have a cockatiel who is untamed and I'd really like to let him out of the cage to work on getting him friendlier. However, I don't have a small room to put him in as my room is ridiculously tiny (and his cage is really big) so all I have is the living room. However there is no...
  3. Ravenclaw88

    Problem wing clip - help!

    A couple of days ago my mum and I decided to clip my 'tiel Totoro's wings, since it seems to calm his hormones down and prevents him from crashing into things if he has a freak out. (We've clipped him before fine). We did his left wing first, snipped a small section off two of the outermost...