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  1. PairOfKeet

    URGENT - Transporting birds in wildfire smoke

    Please respond! I need to bring my birds to a boarding facility because I'm going away. The air in my area right now is full of wildfire smoke, the air quality right now is a 10, with 11 being the worst. Is there any way I can keep my birds safe in their carrier? Maybe a blanket to cover the...
  2. M

    Urgent Elderly cockatiel having seizures

    Quick overview so I can post something faster. I’ll add a detailed description after this. Elderly female cockatiel, assumed 24, rescue of about four years. Suddenly having seizures.what can I do?
  3. BananaBird

    Tons of smoke in the air

    A bit of a scary post for me. People an hour and a half away from me have been evacuated due to fires, and there is so much smoke in the air. I’m doing my best to protect Tango from it, air filter on high, windows and doors closed. Any tips for keeping her safe from smoke? Also any tips for...