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wet bird

  1. Shroomie

    Rockstar rocking a mohawk

    I woke up, got all Rockys stuff in order... then I heard a huge splash! Turn around and he is dancing in his waterbowl! What a dirty bird! He is molting so I bet that bath felt very nice! He'll be looking brand new after he dries a little.
  2. RebeccaZM

    Cockatiel smells like wet bird when dry? Smelly boy

    Hello all! I hope this is the correct place to post this! I'll post it on Cockatiel Corner as well. My cockatiel Obi-Wan has begun to smell like wet bird recently, even when he's dry, but it is definitely more pronounced when he is wet, downright stinky during bath time. Before this he had that...
  3. C

    Urgent Sick & Wet-Looking Parakeet. Super worried, how do I proceed?

    This started yesterday. My bird was just sitting around in her cage in the morning pretty quietly and fluffed up. She looked fine. Even during the day yesterday, she looked fine. At night however, when I tried to put her in her cage, I noticed that she looked wet. I thought maybe her head dipped...