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  1. ziggylemon


    Hi!! My name is Taryn, but yall can also call me Ziggy. I am 21 and I'm just going with what life throws at me! Ofc I'm not going about it alone though! I have a couple of animal friends with me :) I have a cat, his name is Joansey, I have a tank full of fish. And of course the star of this...
  2. FinchORI

    Hi! I’m Ori!

    Hello! I am picking up my first birds in a few weeks (Zebra Finches), and I joined this forum to learn more about all things BIRD! If anyone here has owned finches before, feel free to offer tips!
  3. bug_inarug


    Hey everyone, my name is Juniper, I’m 20, use she/they pronouns, and am about to become the owner of a beautiful little budgie! Just wanted to say hi :) :budgie2::budgie: Coming soon!
  4. BabyBirdMa


    Me and my 9 rescue birds are new here: 4 Budgies, 4 Conures and an African Grey. Can someone please reply to my behavior thread? I’m having some trouble with one of my Conures and I really need advice.
  5. Jusgetinby


    Hello I'm new bird owner this year. My story the love for birds is.... My daughter asked me if she can bring her pets to live at our home from her dad's house, of course I said yes, she is a responsible pet owner. So she decided to bring her 4 birds from her Dad's to live at our home...
  6. SpriteTGCC

    Hello from Sprite!!!!

    Hello my name is Aaron from the Chicago suburbs! I came across Avian Avenue a while back & wanted to finally introduce myself and my lovely darling bird Sprite! She's a turquoise green cheek conure my hubby and I got last September as soon as she was fully weened! She was born sometime in July...
  7. mangobird

    New bird mom!

    Hi everyone! My name is Sam. I got my first (indoor) bird last week, he’s a 6 month old Jenday Conure named Kahlo :heart: I’m really new to the indoor bird world, but I have a huge collection of chickens, geese, and ducks already! I’m so excited to learn more from all of you and evolve my crazy...
  8. aDORYble


    Hello everyone! I’m the new owner of a very cuddly green cheek conure who was a rehome! As we are adjusting to one another I will be seeking advice on diet and training! She isn’t my first bird (I also have two cockatiels in the home) but she is definitely the most needy of my attention! Glad...
  9. Flocktales

    Pictures Hello, everyone! New bird mama of two cockatiels. ♥

    Hello! I am so delighted to finally join all of you. Ever since I was a child, it has been a dream to welcome a feathered companion into my life. Growing up, my great-grandmother had a beautiful parrot—a type of amazon, if my memory is correct—and this was the beginning of a lifelong passion...
  10. D

    Loving Feeling Welcomed!

    I happened upon this forum while researching details concerning my recently adopted little parrotlets, a (married) pair of plain peachy -faced lovebirds, Lovey(m) & Donut(f). They were my ex-wife's little babies, but she often has trouble caring for herself so I took them under my wing in Fall...
  11. AraIncaris

    Soon to be Cockatiel owner!

    Hi there! I joined on recommendation of my friend @HolliDaze :) I have had lovebirds and budgies in the past but it's been about a year since I've owned a bird and I'm now in a good scenario to own one again! I'll be picking up a tame 8 month old male cockatiel from a reliable breeder on...
  12. cheryls

    Knock knock

    Who's there? Chery and I have a new to me old senegal just got re-homed yesterday. This place is HUGE. I'm a scared as the new bird is. Where do I go to ask, learn about Senegals What to do when they first get home I know the core work of vet, pellets, seed, no teflon, no dogs that hunt and...
  13. Galebird

    Hello everyone

    hello! I’ve been a proud cockatiel owner for years of one little guy who has changed my life. Just a little background bc we’ve had a rough start. When I got my boy he was very tiny and ratty. He was the only one of batch that was small but he had so much heart that I had to get him. It’s been...
  14. Rainbowings

    New here & new to birds

    Hi there! I am Virginia or Vi for short. My mom had a small green parrot when we were kids, named Cocoa. I also had 2 parakeets- Pretty Boy & Baby- as a kid but I have to admit my mom took care of them more than me. I now have a pair of lovebirds who just had babies. I'm hoping for some help &...
  15. mochiballs

    Welcome Stitch

    Stitch came home last night, he's a pearly conure. I'm so happy I get to spend my time with him and get to know him. So far he's been very clingy and wants cuddles. I love him already. Isn't he pretty?
  16. CVT242

    New Owner

    Hi all I’m Nikki and I’m a vet tech who owns her own small zoo. I have a rescue green wing macaw who is 8 and has a problem with plucking but is getting better in my and my fiancé’s care. I also have a 1 year old rescue cockatiel that does not like hands and has been a long process. Among those...
  17. CookieWookie


    Hi! My name is Cynthia! I just joined on Friday and look forward to being part of this community:)! So a little bit about myself: I'm still in school and I've only had budgies (due to the fact that my mom won't let me get a slightly bigger bird and won't let them out). That is all I can...
  18. Anubis0807

    New Owner with safe wood question

    Hello all, I am soon to get a baby sun conure and I'm very excited and happy that I found a resource of info from this site. I think I'm getting this all down but was thinking of using a newly cut down pear tree to home make some perches and stands but am not able to find a reliable...
  19. E

    Hi! I am new here!

    Hi! My name is Ella. I am not a bird owner, but I came here to learn more about them, because I am a bird enthusiast! So far, my favorite birds are Budgies, Parrotlets, and Indian Ringnecks. I am hoping to get one or two (or 3+) in the future. :)
  20. Atomiklan


    My name is Andrew Robinson. I'm an engineer and physicist from Raleigh NC and considering diving into this world. I'm still doing my research and trying to decide if this lifestyle is right for me. I'm a young single guy with no other pets or children and I have a reasonable amount of time to...