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  1. Bentley_10

    Bentley the macaw

    Hello everyone! :) I’m Bentley the macaw and I’m new here! my dad’s are Derrick & Travis, we live in Florida! I am only 3 month’s old and continuing to grown each day! I was born on September 10, 2023 adopted on October 30th. Being hand fed but on the process of being weaned (eating on my...
  2. eqg

    For my conures.

    Hello from Eastern NC. After visiting many times, I am happy to finally join in on the conversation. I currently serve the limitless needs of two Green Cheeks known as Wasabi and Ginger. Both are just over a year old but certainly very mature for their age (they forced me to write that). We...
  3. Rio&Friend

    Hi, I’m new here

    Hi eveyone, I have 3 budgies 1 of them named Rio:budgie: that stayed with us for 11 months the second one named max@yellow colour :budgie8:stayed with us for 8 months and the third one named Ruby@bluey :budgie2:stayed with us for 6 months Thank you…
  4. Chusi<3

    hello! so excited to be here

    hi everyone! i hope your day is going well :) my name is Jade, and i am the proud owner of Chusi, a pineapple conure; Ducky, a greywing sky blue parakeet; and Chloe, a dominant pied sky blue yellowface greywing parakeet. It’s so nice to meet you all :) im hoping to meet friends and fellow avian...
  5. BabyBirdMa


    Me and my 9 rescue birds are new here: 4 Budgies, 4 Conures and an African Grey. Can someone please reply to my behavior thread? I’m having some trouble with one of my Conures and I really need advice.
  6. Kile

    Saying Hello + a question

    Hey, my name is Kile! I read on this forum for advice frequently so I thought I'd join it. My first bird was a Starling... not the most common pet I know, but I found her as a nestling fallen from a nest in the barn this spring and I planned on raising her for release thinking she was a...