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  1. G

    Multivitamins for birds- HELP

    I am currently using Nekton-S Multi-Vitamin for Birds. Can anyone tell me of the best Multivitamin bird supplement I can purchase?
  2. B

    keep or sell?

    I bought these liquid vitamins to take with a seed diet just in case my gcc didn't like Laferber's pellets, but she does like them. What should I do with the Vitamins now? Would it be too dangerous to have my conure take vitamins with pellets and seed diet?
  3. S

    Vitamins in Water?

    What’s the general consensus for providing things like vitamins or probiotics in water for our feathered angels? I’ve read that it’s not effective because it gets diluted and broken down.
  4. Komsur

    Budgies need to Eat their Fruit and Veggies! How can I make mine love them?

    Hi, I've had my birds for over a year now, but they rarely touched the fruit/veg I put down for them daily. They will, sometimes, clear the fruit bowl (which is separate to the regular seed bowl), but that's rare. Most of the time they'll eat one or two pieces and that's that. They don't...
  5. A

    Vitamin and supplement recommendations

    Hey everyone! This is my very first post on here so I hope I'm doing everything correctly, please call out my mistakes if you see any. Just to set this up a little bit... I've had my African Grey for just about a year, her name is Arrow, her previous owners were an elderly couple that were too...
  6. R

    Multivitamin for my bird (collared dove)

    Hi! I have been recently looking into finding a multivitamin supplement to complete my dove's diet. She eats seeds (previous home raised her on seed, otherwise I would be giving pellets) and I also give her chop. Info on vitamins is hard to find, especially for doves and pigeons. If anyone knows...
  7. M

    Sad matter happen to Birds

    Hello, Yesterday there was a sad matter happen to birds. I am very worried. My close friend give his budgies zinc supplement in drinking water. I also use it too. After, he gave it to birds they are died in few moments. From yesterday, I heard that same matter happen to many birds owner. I use...
  8. M

    can mineral block actually safe gor birds

    hellow i heard minearel block and vitamin block actually not good for birds?because it contain plastar of paris,cement,zipsam etc. this element work like slow poison for birds.specially plastar of paris harm more for bird?is it true?if im not use minearel block only use eggshell...
  9. O

    Best D3 Supplement?

    Hi all! A quick question for you: it seems that egg is a good source of D3 for birds, but are there any other good ways to supplement that you guys would recommend? Tried-and-true products/foods? I'm looking for a nice, balanced way to give my sennie a D3 boost for the winter months. I'm...
  10. CupcakeKeator

    Worried about Black Tip Feathers?

    Here is my sweet boy Chihiro (Green Cheek Conure), I wanted to take a minute and share about his feather health (or lack there of). So my poor baby has been malnourished, and I had no idea! I feed him pellets, and nutri-balls, fruits, veggies, almonds (treats), he has a calcium block and a...