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  1. conureluv

    Eye scratch 2 days ago not healing much??

    Ok, so long story short, my green cheek conure had a swelled eye when I got home from a movie 2 days ago. I was a little worried because part of it was bruised but assumed it would be better the next night. Next night, nothing really changed. He still tried to keep his eye shut and was rubbing...
  2. C.om.edian

    Unusual caique poop

    Hello new to this forum. I have a Caique, around 12 years old. He's generally been more active lately and is always vocal and ready to come out. He plays in his cage and occasionally takes naps with his leg up. I gave him carrots and jalapeño this morning and he happened to have this kind of...
  3. L

    Sun conure chewing

    My 7 month sun conure Mango won't stop eating his wooden perches! He is swallowing the pieces and the perch literally looks like it is going to snap. I removed them from the cage and now he is just sitting dejectedly on a rope perch and not doing much. How do I get him to stop chewing and is...