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uv light

  1. Baileybea

    Reptile heat lamps that are parrot safe?

    Hey guys, I hope this is the right place to post this thread! I have a green cheek Conure and my boyfriend, who I live with, has been wanting a bearded dragon for a while now. I just have a few questions for anyone on here who has experience with keeping both bearded dragons/other similar...
  2. KatieKess

    Best UV Lighting for Birds, Self Mutilation, NEED ADVICE! Please

    Hey everyone! I have a cockatiel named Marvin, and he’s been struggling with self mutilation for the past year. I have actually taken him to the vet 7 times, and we still have no luck in getting the issue resolved. He’s been in collars (which absolutely depressed him), on various medications...
  3. M

    UV light suggestions

    Hello, So I inherited my sisters 25 year old yellow head Amazon. I’m doing my best to keep him healthy. I live in a one bedroom apartment that doesn’t get the light Papo needs for his vitamin D. I’ve been researching and found that lots of Vets and parronts recommend Avian UV lighting. Some can...