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  1. mango&dex

    Green Cheek conure belly feathers turning grey??

    Hello, I recently got a new green cheek conure Zazu after the death of my yellow sided green cheek Mango whom was bonded with my other green cheek Dexter. They bonded very quickly and we’ve had Zazu for almost 4 months. However when we first got him his feathers were fine, no sign of feather...
  2. BabyBirdMa

    Sneezing Conure.

    So my Pineapple Greencheek just sneezed in my face and it felt wet. She sneezed three, more times after that. Is this normal? Would I be overreacting if I took her and her cagemate to the vet over this? I am really worried but at the same time uncertain. If this isn’t cause for concern just yet...
  3. mango&dex

    911 Green cheek conure has a cut above nail on foot

    Yesterday I was trimming my conures wings which our vet recommended us doing. As I was doing so his foot got in the way and it cut above his nail. I was immediately panicking and called my vet while using some baby powder which was the only thing I had on hand to stop the bleeding. He didn’t...
  4. mango&dex

    Urgent Conure ate soy candle burnt wick HELP!

    My conure mango ate my soy candle wick that was burnt and black! The candle is scented and soy but it was not lit when she was there. Some of the burnt wick I placed and forgot to through it away and she ate some of it. I immediately cleaned her beak with a wet napkin but some of it is inside of...