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  1. F

    Does my cockatiel hate me?

    I’m a new bird owner and I’ve had my cockatiel for almost a week now. She only perches on her food box and the furthest perch to sleep. She doesn’t interact with me and if I bring my hand towards the cage she’s will try to bite. I’ve been wanting to get her out of the cage but im worried that...
  2. S

    Is my Senegal parrot happy?

    Hello all :) My family got a Senegal parrot two months ago. First when we got him he was very energetic or nervous I cannot tell, he was yelling all day and playing with toys… Well he was very very active. Suddenly one month ago he started to be very quiet. Usually the morning he is alone...
  3. SkytheGcc

    My GCC barely sleeps or gets tired and I'm worried its affecting her day.

    I always put my GCC to bed around 9-10 pm, although sometimes once every couple weeks i will go out to a long party/ get together etc. and she will be in her cage until 11-1 (rarely 1 but it has happened 2 or 3 times). She has a smaller travel cage that she sleeps in as well, and she normally...