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toxic stuff

  1. B

    Electric Heating pad I use for my back

    Hello, I have a bad back and neck and I regularly have to use an electric heating pad. It this safe to use around my cockatiel? I’m always worried about releasing toxic fumes/vapors.
  2. K

    Water for parrots

    Heavy metal toxicity (copper) Someone mention that it could be cause by the water. I give my bird filter water from the fridge system. But I honestly don’t think is that good. I live with my family and they are the ones in charge of that filter. Can I give my parrot water bottle? If there any...
  3. RebeccaZM

    Keeping birdie safe during repairs

    Hello everyone! I have a situation I'm hoping you can advise me on. I need to make a repair to my shower, requiring a waterproofing agent, mortar, and caulking. Unfortunately my bird is in the room right next to the bathroom that needs this work. Even though the products I'm looking at claim to...
  4. FeatheredM

    What is dangerous to birds

    Post some dangers to birds(any dangers to birds) so that alot of poeple can access info on dangers to birds, Most threads are like a website, so that other people even if not of the forum can access this useful information