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  1. J

    Need help with my aggressive conure

    Hi! My GC conure Pluto, is about 9 months old. Up until 6 months, he was friendly and interacted with me, my kids, my nephews that would come over every other day, just about everyone. He was very well bahaved. Then he changed. He started attacking my children and anyone else who entered my home...
  2. M

    Rehomed 17 year old African Grey - territorial cage issues

    Hi, I recently adopted a 17-year-old male African Grey. The bird had been owned by an older gentleman who got Alzheimers and I was told, the bird named Bo hadn't been much out of the cage, been fed seeds only, was pretty much a wild bird and no one dared go near his cage. Bo can't fly and we...
  3. Sofro

    Urgent Help!

    This evening, I saw that Blue, my green and blue budgie, had blood around his eye. I think that Holly, my white male budgie, has pecked at him. But Blue has blood on his claws as well. He has been acting pretty territorial recently. What do I do? Please help!