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  1. J

    hair dryers!!!

    I've been looking for a bird safe hair dryer. I know that it can't have teflon, but most of the non teflon ones I see say they're "ionic"? I looked it up and saw a thread from yeaarrsss ago saying that it was bad, but I couldn't find any other info. Does anyone know about this? What hair dryer...
  2. KatieKess

    Air fryers and birds?

    Is it safe to use an air fryer in my home? My cockatiel Marvin, is located upstairs (away from the kitchen) but I am still concerned and would never do anything that could harm him. We got an air fryer for Christmas, and we were super excited to try it out.... until I did some research and...
  3. cinnamon

    I’m worried :(

    so i’ve been reading a bunch about things that are bad for cockatiels. my birdie is 5 months old i’ve had him for 3 months. i know teflon is bad for them but we use only teflon, my grandma has also cooked with him on her shoulder once because she forgot and i sometimes bring him in the room...
  4. Scarlet&Annie

    Do either of these contain teflon?

    My grandpa has one of these but a larger one, does it contain teflon? Can my birdy be out in the living room not too close to it? (Just realized I cannot post photos... It's a, Warm Morning brand gas stove.) The room I'm in is very chilly and I also have a space heater, does it contain...
  5. PrettyBirdy

    Safe Hot-Plate?

    Hi y'all! I'm moving into someones downstairs apartment soon, and since it only has a kitchenette I want to buy and bring a hot-plate for cooking. I was going to go through the standard procedure of calling the various brands to ask about Teflon, but I figured someone on here might have some...
  6. Kestrel

    About to have a panic attack

    Holy cow! So I THOUGHT our household was relatively safe for a bird, I've been slowly changing our household stuff/habbits for years in prep for a bird. I don't use teflon pans, burn scented candles, we eat organic and I use all safe non toxic cleaning products in my house, I don't even use...
  7. Yeah_Birbs

    Can Teflon be neutralized?

    Hi I’m fairly new on this website and I have a question (although it’s kinda stupid). I know that Teflon is a fume found in nonstick pans that can severely damage a bird’s respiratory system. I want to find a way if there is a way to get rid of the fumes without getting rid of all of the Teflon...
  8. K

    Safe Humidifier?

    I've been using Levoit humidifiers. I had bought two at almost $90 each. They had an auto turn off when empty, hot or cold mist, desired humidity shut off, held 6 liters each, etc. When they worked, they worked amazing. Then they both died 3 months in so I'm done with them. I'm looking now for...
  9. LucyLemon'sMom

    Questions on Teflon Free Items

    Hello! My husband and I are getting our home ready to bring home oir feathered baby ^_^ we are going through and replacing all the Teflon cookware. We purchased this ceramic line of cookware and it says it is PFOA and PTFE free. Although it’s free of those chemicals I’m just really paranoid...
  10. Lunar_Eclipse

    Heated Blankets??

    Hello!! I'm new here but i need some information from people who know what they're doing (: I recently got a heated blanket for myself, as my room is cold. My Cockatiel has his own bird warmer, so he's okay. However, i've been reading that heated blankets have teflon on the wires. Is it safe to...
  11. lovebirds

    Could these things have teflon in them - worrying.

    Hi, It's been a while since I was last here, I've been very busy lately and everything has been well with my birds (thankfully). I always seem to come back to the "safety avenue" section of the forum :peek1: We're going to be moving temporarily to a new flat, next week, and we need to...