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  1. Alexi

    New (very frightened) family member!

    :greet14:My fiance and I had decided at the beginning of the year that we definitely wanted to get another cockatiel. We decided to adopt an older rescue bird instead of getting a new baby but after months of calling local rescues with no luck we almost opted to head back to our breeder...But...
  2. alocia

    Taming GCC?

    Recently, I got a gorgeous Turquoise GCC from a bird expo. I know, I know, not the best place, but I was desperate to find one and no breeders were available within a 8 hour drive. He isn't tame, and is also very stubborn and extremely picky. I am currently weaning him onto Harrison's bird...
  3. E

    Welcome Home Poppy!

    Hello everyone - Seeking some general guidance on how to "tame" my new baby. She is a ~4-5month of Solomon Island Eclectus that was hand-fed. She was very cuddly/tame with her owner. However, she's bitey with me. I brought her home Tuesday afternoon and she appears to be settling well in her new...
  4. J

    New to group

    Hello! My names Danielle, my black capped conure is Jamie. I adopted Jamie a couple months back. I was at a pet store and they were hating on her, trying to desperately get rid of her because she was "aggressive." I couldn't resist but feel I could help her. She's still a baby but I immediately...
  5. Chica 8

    Uncomfortable lovebird?

    Ive had my bird for almost a year now. My parents gave it to me to keep me company. Recently I've decided to try and tame/train him (I'm a little late on that yes, but I'm aware it isn't impossible). Sometimes when i try to take him out of the cage, he either ignores it completely or bites me...
  6. B

    Help! Again! Taming budgies???

    PLEASE ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS THANK YOU hey guys, im so sorry for posting a lot haha its just that im so excited for my budgie!! I havent gotten him/her yet but i want to be prepared :-) so the 6 week old budgies are probably not tame :(:(:( but im up for taming a budgie! QUESTIONS- 1. does...
  7. Luna3391

    Lonnpost about progress...

    Hello all. I don't know if this is where I should post, so correct me if I'm wrong! Daxter, our new baby Sun Conure had his first vet visit a little over a week ago, just about a week after he came home (it was the earliest I could get him in due to holidays). Come to find out the poor baby had...
  8. Saya

    Can my budgie be afraid of hands if he still hand feeds?

    I feel like my budgie might be afraid of hands but he still lets me hand feed him in, on, and off his cage. He won't let me get near him in or on his cage without food, but away from the cage he's completely fine. What's going on here?
  9. Saya

    Is my budgie cage bound or scared?

    He comes out of the cage on his own but almost always refuses help from me unless i have food, and when he is in or on his cage he will not let me touch him without food. Yet, when he is away from his cage or in another room he is 100% tame and he preens and sleeps and eats and everything is...
  10. BirdDad

    Unhappy Cockatiel

    I have had a cockatiel for two months now (she is currently 6 months old.) and she seems terribly unhappy. She has a sizable cage, a large selection of toys and I try to provide her with as much interaction as I can. She is hand-tamed although she doesn't seem to crave human companionship. I am...
  11. Riptide Queen

    A few tips or advice for a semi-tamed budgie

    I'm so sorry if everyone has seen lots of posts like this, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask around for tips or advice. I came home with a semi-tamed budgie named Smokey about a week ago, he is not too scared of you, and will perch on your finger as well as knowing what 'step-up' is. I do...
  12. Spnfox

    Jester and Nimbus update

    Jester and nimbus are doing great, jester has really turnee around and has become quite the comical little girl. She likes to play with a little pink soccer ball and a jingle cat toy , made of colorful hard plastic. Shes enjoying her flight freedom now, and now i cant leave her anywhere for...
  13. ❤ Rosette ❤

    Introducing My Two Parakeets, Sexing, & Taming

    Jewel - A rather flat, lightly-tinted blue cere covered in a tan-esque skin, with a few loose flakes of tan here and there. They're a very standard-patterned budgie with aquamarine blue. Lyra - A quite bulbous, fleshy-colored cere with somewhat pink tones. There is no hint of either brown or...
  14. RedCarpetEclectus

    What do you think of this taming method?

    I found this while looking for other methods of taming my pigeon, as the "patience" way is not working in terms of how tame i want him to be: Hands On
  15. RedCarpetEclectus

    Road blocks in taming

    I have an adult male Frillback pigeon whom I rescued. His previous owner did not want his birds anymore so he let them go and left, this one wouldnt leave so I ended up with the sweet heart. I began taming excersises using negative reinforcement, as positive reinforcement would not work with...
  16. RedCarpetEclectus

    Taming a frightened adult bird?

    Hey everyone, I have adopted an adult frillback pigeon and he came from a home which had little interaction with them apart from feeding. He is an adult, but specific age (and sex, I call him a male) is unknown. He is very curious however he is very movement and hand shy. He has only been home...
  17. M

    Hanfed Bird Untame?

    Hello, a week ago, I bought a handfed 9 week old Indian Ringneck. Even after a week, he still seems scared of my hand. I know this species is known for becoming Untame fast. I also understand that patience is important for the bird to trust me. My question is that if I don't handle him everyday...
  18. CagedStardust

    Pretty Daisy (A few questions!)

    :hello1: New here! And new to caring for a cockatiel too. I have a cockatiel named Daisy that I my dad gave me two months ago. Probably from a pet store...I don't think she's used to interacting with humans and has probably been kept in a cage all the time. She's still not used to me, but I...
  19. S


    Hello everyone I bought a green cheek conure 8 weeks ago he's still a baby as he was born earlier this year. I did clip his wings as soon as I got him home because the owners told me he was very tame but once I got him home I received an email saying that he was never tame. I've been attempting...
  20. L

    taming older cockatiel??

    Hi Everyone, A cockatiel started coming to my feeder about couple months ago. After a couple weeks I put a cage out with millet and he walked right in. N I had no luck finding his owners so I took him to a avian vet. The vet said he was probably a breeder bird or aviary bird because he was so...