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  1. outmaww

    Signs that my tiel's a talker!

    My tiel is starting to talk! (Just to get something clear, my tiel is actually male, but I got too attached to calling her a girl that I didn't really want to switch back, and honestly, I didn't really see the need to :p) She's can't quite say distinct words yet, but her favorite tones to...
  2. S

    Getting an African Grey

    Hello all, Hope you all are doing good. I am getting my 2nd bird now. My 1st bird is a Sun Conure. He is 3 years old very active and very loud at times. I have a doubt and hope to get some insight here. As people say African greys are very good at mimicking, is it possible that my grey will...
  3. flyzipper

    The tone our birds use when talking

    I commented this in another thread that I don't want to derail... As examples, Jericho will say, "stop!", with a pleading tone, while Oscar sometimes yells, "quiet!", in an angy demanding manner. Jericho's innocence reinforces that glimpse into his life before me -- he behaves as you might...
  4. malibu

    Lovebirds talking

    Does anybody know the likelihood of lovies having the ability to speak? My lovie is 7 months old and this morning and last night it seems like she was saying her name as well as imitating the kissy noises i make to her and saying "Pretty Bird!" Do any of your lovebirds speak and how big is...
  5. F

    Chatty when it’s dark?

    Hi guys! Just curious to know if anyone else has a conure (or bird in general) who talks when it’s dark. By dark I mean the lights are off or they’re under a blanket! My green cheek will cluck and chat briefly during the day, when playing and eating, but nothing gets him going like when he’s...
  6. hrafn

    Video Can anyone tell what he's saying??

    This is Taco's favourite thing to say, and despite multitudinous efforts I still have NO idea what he's saying. So I thought maybe someone here might have more luck. :D
  7. hrafn


    She's never, ever said it before! She's always saying everyone else's names and talking to them, but I've never once heard her say either Kamara or Mara, and she just said both in my voice, clear as day! I don't know why, but I'm gonna cry I'm so happy. It's like she's accepted her name! She's...
  8. hrafn

    Video I think there's someone at the door!

    Hello? Who is it? :D (Aka "excuse me, just because I'm on my sleep perch and I've been beak grinding for an hour and I tucked my beak back into my feathers, that doesn't mean its time for bed; open that door!") :rolleyes:
  9. hrafn

    I think I may have discovered the source of Kamara's potty mouth!

    All this morning, Kamara has been saying things like, "say 'whoa', say 'hello', come on dude, say 'what's up', come on, do it, say 'waddup b****', say 'whoa', say 'hey sexy'" in a teenage boy's voice. Seems like she didn't pick up her sailor's speech by accident. :angelic: Makes me sad to...
  10. noelletulip

    Talking Lovebirds

    Do any of you have lovebirds that talk? For the record, I never cared whether or not Tulip talked, but I can tell that he's trying. It would be super cute if he would say even one or two random things, so since it seems like he's trying, I'd like to encourage him (without doing any serious...