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tail feather loss

  1. marsleey

    Plucked Tail Feather?

    I was playing with her and she went to preen herself and a split second later her tail feather came out! I don’t know if this is a plucked feather or not. Please help! (She looks so bald without her tail feather wah) She has already molted in April - May this year so I’m not sure if this is...
  2. K

    Quaker Plucks?

    Hello, I bought Taro (now 10-11 months) at a pet store. I was told that he had bitten off one of his toe because of the stress of moving into the store. Knowing this I still got him and hadn’t had issues with anything until now. He has been plucking his tail feathers?? I found one feather on the...
  3. venus.gray

    Urgent Conure’s Tail Feathers Pulled Out

    I dont know if this is the right place to post, I’m new here. My bird was sitting on his cage and got a fright from a slammed door, he flew out the window and I panicked and grabbed him. I missed and pulled his tail feathers. They’re all out. I found him and brought him inside and he seems...
  4. S

    feather loss

    my kakariki has been loosing quite a bit of his small feathers from his body. this has happened before and he went back to normal however, i’m still concerned. is it normal for kakarikis to moult? he plucked one of his back tails but the small feathers fall naturally when he flies. do the...
  5. K

    Accident: All Tail Feathers Pulled.. Will My Tiel Be Okay?

    *i would appreciate if you guys would take out some time to read and answer a few questions as i am very anxious, scared, and upset. it would mean alot to me* Unfortunately, today my 1 year old darling cockatiel got into a freak accident. She was flying around in my study room (as usual) and...