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  1. H

    Swing perches style and budgies

    Hi all So, I’m a hobbiest and love craft (I’m sure I’m among friends here). Over about 10 months it has become clear to me that budgie Winston loves the toys I make him. However I’ve - a few times - splurged on the toys we’ve all seen, and have, including the photo attached. I know my Win, and...
  2. Zara

    Video In 50 years time...

    I love this so much! ❤️ I swear this will be me in 50 years!... Edit: Sorry, I had to hyperlink the video because I couldn´t paste the link.
  3. Zara

    Video Lapis and Nube also got a new swing..

    This is the first wing they have had. They have the wooden climbing frame and it swings, but never a single perch swing before. They are just the cutest thing to look at all floofed up snuggling on the swing together! Here is when they first got it:
  4. Zara

    Video Adelie vs the swing!

    Today Adelie got a new swing... I´m not sure she likes it...