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  1. Mo Amjad

    Indian ringneck update!!

    What's up people I just wanted to show you guys an update on him. I got him 3 new toys today in which he is already destroying lol. He has been showing less stereotypical behavior since I got him a bigger cage and more toys.
  2. Mo Amjad

    Indian Ringneck behavioral problem update!

    Hey guys here is his new setup! He seems very happy also lol.
  3. P

    Need advice re stereotypies

    Hello, all—I'm new to this forum and find myself needing some advice from experienced canary people. A couple of years ago, I adopted two Canaries, Julio and Flambeau, who came to me in the same cage. After a bit, I added them to a cage with another Canary and a couple of finches. Julio started...