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  1. KJsChicken

    Anyone else getting the spring hormonal time right now?

    Hi I'm still relatively new to bird ownership, and my cockatiel has been hormonal lately. I know theres a period in the spring where birds go a little breeding crazy, so is anyone else experiencing that right now? It feels very early. My bird has also taken a liking to my mom. You know- LIKE...
  2. peachypjm

    Best foods for birds during Spring (Reducing hormones)

    I was wondering if anyone could give me an extensive list on foods that help during this time of the year? So far I've heard leafy greens and chickpeas but no one seems to be listing specifics.
  3. TurboTiel

    Springtime, hormones etc.

    Hello AA! It's been a while. Spring is officially here, we all know that means.. an increased level of hormones in our feathery friends. :D I wanted to know, is there a way to calm the hormones down a bit? I have two male tiels and they're a nightmare right now. My oldest tiel Turbo, screams...