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  1. E

    When will my cockatiel start whistling?

    Hi! I have a cockatiel names Elvis. I got him as a baby in September 2019 so he is about 9-10 months old. He makes all the standard cockatiel noises and has started to say “pretty bird” and even “love you” but hasn’t sang yet. He is a DNA positive male. I’ve played music for him and whistle when...
  2. LoveBird<3

    Video For Good (Redone 2017)

    Hi, everyone. When Birdie first passed away, I sang this song for her. It's been over two years, but I still miss her every day. Something in me wanted to sing this again—with harmonies and updated vocals. I know it's not amazing, and I know it's not the most interesting videos. It's just...
  3. LoveBird<3

    Video Sammy's Music Videos: Hyooman, You Must Love Me

    Okay, so, I may be a little under the weather (ewww), but I wanted to make a quick video. I apologize for my voice. Still, this is such a sad song, originally ("When She Loved Me" from Toy Story 2, I think). I wanted to make it happy. :)
  4. LoveBird<3

    Video "Into Food" - Sammy the Lovebird

    Hi, everyone~ I'm back to post a video. This is based on Ariana Grande's "Into You," so I thought I'd put the lyrics side-by-side to show what I changed. (See attached file.) As always, thank you for watching. I love you all. :)
  5. mochiballs

    What songs do your fids enjoy?

    This has probably been posted already, but I'm wondering what songs are your fids always singing and dancing to? Do they like a certain genre? Are there songs they hate? Just wondering. Mochi is currently obsessed with Pillowtalk by Zayn. Maccha loves Can't feel my face by The Weeknd.