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  1. shelby.pax

    Less Dusty Pigeon Breed

    Hi, I've been looking into different softbills to figure out which one is the best indoor apartment pet and recently found out that some pigeon breeds are apparently not that dusty. I was told the pouters are the least dusty followed by high flyers and rollers. I was wondering if anybody can...
  2. shelby.pax

    How Dusty are Starlings and Doves?

    Hi, I'm interested in getting a softbill bird in the near future and starlings and doves seem like the top candidates. They seem very personable and sweet. I have been reading on dustiness and I was wondering if anybody knows how dusty starlings and/or doves are? I've had a green cheek conure...
  3. Bambi

    Wait for vet or take to ER? ASAP!!! (toucan)

    Hey guys, thank you in advance for reading. The long and short of it: My bird is displaying some really concerning symptoms and I'm trying to decide whether I should wait until his regular vet opens on Monday or take him into an emergency vet. Some things to note: He is an aracari! Most...
  4. Sussanne

    Mousebirds: Pls help me in my search for one.

    I live in South Africa in the Johannesburg area and I am in search for a mousebird again. If there is any one out there who can help out with a mousebird, even if it is injured, I will take it, nurse and care for it the same, or if you can help with a referral to someone who might. I have been...