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socialization for birds

  1. J

    Introducing birds!

    I have a one and half year old GCC, Kiwi, and I got another one who I've named Goose not too long ago. We're not sure exactly how old he is but he's definitely younger than one. I introduced them to each other for the first time yesterday, and at first they were kinda just staring at each other...
  2. Beakz

    Macaw Socialization tips

    I have a 8 month old scarlet macaw , she loves me, mostly because I’m the only one at home who spends time with her, when my parents or sisters go to touch her she doesn’t like it and will squak or even fly away. She’s always placed the in dinner so she can see all of us, and we take her to our...
  3. Fergus Mom

    Socializing Budgies

    I have had a houseful of company since last week, so didn't get on AA, or any online stuff! At least 3 nights I moved Fergus and Fiona to the common room so they could 'party' with the hoomans. (Where they wouldn't be stuck alone in my bedroom where I usually am with them) They have seen...