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  1. Gemmy1057

    How to make a room smell good that’s non harmful to budgies?

    Any tips on how to make my bird room smell good that’s won’t harm my budgies? My room gets a little stuffy, but I can’t open the window because it’s almost winter and freezing outside! Are there any natural ways to get my room to smell good? One of my budgies, Sonny, was just diagnosed with...
  2. RebeccaZM

    Cockatiel smells like wet bird when dry? Smelly boy

    Hello all! I hope this is the correct place to post this! I'll post it on Cockatiel Corner as well. My cockatiel Obi-Wan has begun to smell like wet bird recently, even when he's dry, but it is definitely more pronounced when he is wet, downright stinky during bath time. Before this he had that...
  3. Dilla66

    Regurgitation smell?

    It’s mating season for my two conures and the male is constantly regurgitating into the females mouth. the smell of the regurgitation has a vinegar smell (without the sting) and I can smell it on both of their beaks during this time of year. but once the season is over their beaks/mouths...
  4. conureluv

    How can I get him to smell good?

    My bird stinks. I’m being honest—he’s never smelled good. How can I get him to smell good without using dangerous shampoos (I don’t want to use shampoos because they’re bad for birds, right?) ?
  5. W

    Crimson Bellied Conure smells like spoiled fruit

    Hi all, I'm new to avian avenue and was wondering if anyone coupd help me out. I have 2 male crimson bellied conures, Archie has just turned 1 and Milo is about 10 months old and they constantly smell like spoiled fruit. It's quite strong and noticeable. Their faeces don't actually smell, it's...
  6. D

    Is it bad if the oven overheats and releases smoke when water has fallen.

    I'm not sure if this is the right thread although I was cooking and a bit of water fell on to the bottom of the oven. I coninued to cook although the water was heating and it realest a lit of smoke and smell. I was wondering if that smoke would be bad for birds.
  7. Dostc426

    New Couch! Should I worry???

    Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I just purchased this couch: https://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Porch-Den-Pope-Street-Arm-Convert-a-Couch-Mocha-Tan-Microfiber-Futon-Sleeper-Sofa/20690019/product.html We have never bought a new couch with a parrot before, and I didn't even think about...
  8. Sweet Louise

    Scented trash bags

    Thought I found something cool, trash bags guaranteed to not smell for 5 days. For the past 2 weeks, I have been playing "find the source of the smell". I thought something had spilled or died. Nope, it was the scent of the new trash bags. The scent of the bag goes all the way to the 2...
  9. Zara

    Lovebirds smell - w/ Poll

    Without coming across as weird, I love how my lovebirds chicks smell! Did/do yours smell nice too? My adult lovebirds smell really good, but the chicks smell sweeter.
  10. Dostc426

    Mattresses that are odor free and parrot safe?

    Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I are wanting to purchase a new mattress. After some research we have read about memory foam needing time to air out due to off-gassing. Problem is we only have a one bedroom apartment and frankly don't have the space to take the 3-6 days to allow it to air out...
  11. Sweet Louise

    project and bird safety....

    I am customizing a 1950s bicycle (and really have no idea of what I am doing, just jumping in). It is below freezing here so I am at a standstill on all work except hand sanding. I found eco friendly paint remover and rust remover. I used the paint remover, on an oddly warm day, in the garage...
  12. Atomiklan

    Stinky parrot

    Lada my female eckie is a little on the stinky side sometimes. Also, not the pleasant parrot smell some people on here often refer to. It's not terribly bad, just wondering if I could be doing anything different to help alleviate it or if it is just normal. Should I be giving her a bath in a...
  13. S

    Green cheek conure funny smell during molting?

    Every time my gcc goes through a molt, she gets a funny musty smell around her pinfeathers. She has healthy droppings, eats a normal healthy diet of pellets, fruits & veggies, and has lots of energy. Has anyone else experienced this? I will probably just take her to the vet but since her...
  14. orni'morphosis

    Hyacinth macaw smell

    Hello guys! I'm back. I have a question for those with Hyacinth macaws. What do Hyacinth macaws smell like? Do they have their own smells? Do males and females smell different? Do they smell different or stronger during the breeding season? Basically it's questions about pheromones in Hyacinth...