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  1. T

    Black skin under wing?

    Hi! I adopted a new gcc (I think American dilute to be specific) recently (Peaches) and I haven't noticed anything wrong with her. She doesn't have any symptoms for any other diseases from what I've observed. However, today when she stretched her wings, I noticed one of them seemed dark. I...
  2. J

    my bird likes the taste of human flesh.

    I'm just kidding. Maybe. I got my second GCC, Goose, a few months ago and since the second or third day of having him he's had a terrible habit of chewing on me. It's not really biting because it's not a quick or aggressive, he just likes trying to chew my skin off. Sometimes it'll be just a...
  3. C2H4JOY

    Grey scaly patch on my lovebird's back??

    My 1yr old lovie developed a grey, scaly patch on his back today. Yesterday, there was nothing on him (as shown in the third photo where he is snooping around in my sweater pocket), but when I came to check on him today, I noticed the patch. I am planning to take him to the vet very soon but I...
  4. P

    Help, what is this hard little bump near her eye???

    I found this recently when I was giving her scritches. There is a hard, little nubbly bump near her eye. It is pinkish grey, hard, protrudes, and irregular shape. There is a little white ring indent on it, which I assume is a follicle?? She's never had something like this before. Can someone...
  5. T

    Weird bubble on back/neck of bird

    Hello! First of all sorry for my english, it's not my first language, but there are no entires about my issue in my mother tongue. So the breeder told me that i can start bathing my bird at 3 months and since he loves water anyways, i let him shower after I was done taking a shower. After his...
  6. B

    A wierd problem

    Bobby is like 2 months , and we brought him home a week ago. We observed a big wound on his chest , which is almost black. He doesen't seem sick , he plays with everything and he's eating a lot but, and here's the interesting part, when he drinks the water flows out where his wound is . My...
  7. hrafn

    My pets' health will be the death of me

    Morgan's stressing me out again. This time it's an issue with her skin. The skin of her ears has turned black, and scaly around the edges, she has blackheads all over her back half, she's always itchy, and she has dandruff. I'm hoping it's just allergies, but she has other symptoms that lead...
  8. Leih


    Hi guys! Not sure if this is the right forum for this but my conure Galahad is itchy. He's not really into bathing, although this morning I wet him down around his head and neck with filtered water. I set up a humidifier facing his cage and left a bowl for him to (hopefully) splash in. Right now...
  9. hyacinthlove

    Urgent Anybody ever seen this skin condition?

    We had a rough winter and our house was very cold so he had a heater next to his cage to keep him from getting too cold, especially at night. When I first found the scabs I thought he had just scratched himself raw from being too dry (believe me, I was sick about it. I did my best to keep him...
  10. R

    Cockatiel skin condition under wing

    Hi, The skin under my tiels wing somehow peeled off, looks slightly yellow and aggrevates her whenever she is cleaning or opening her wing. I have taken her to the vet and paid a nice sum of money to be given the following which hasn't resolved the problem: painkiller and antibiotic which were...