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  1. PippinLovebird

    Getting My Attention?

    Hi! Today I was just wondering how your parrot gets your attention? Because pippin (my lovebird), has an on going list of things he will do. First off... Cage Banging: To get my attention, he does this certain position in the corner of his cage. One foot in on the perch and one is clawed onto...
  2. Atomiklan

    GOOFY birds

    Thought we could do something fun here. Post some stories, pictures, or a video of the goofiest thing your birds do. I'll start... Lada does this with her favorite toys. What a goof ball!
  3. J

    Conure silly walk??

    Sometimes my yellow sided GCC does this thing where she puffs up and moves forward her chest, and slowly walks around like that, like a little boss. It's the cutest thing! She does this sometimes randomly, pretty frequently. What does that mean? She is a female a little over 6 months. Does...
  4. Mrs Evey

    Pictures Silly Pumpkin!

    There are easier ways to eat from one's food dish, but Pumpkin is a rebel and does things his own way.
  5. Sylvi_

    Silly 'tiel

    I've noticed Mimi has developed a trick, or rather a trick she taught me :p. Half the time, she'll step up onto hands easily. But the other times, she likes to play a game. Basically, if you bring your finger to her or say "Step up", she will put her head down for scritches. I'll then move in to...