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#senior parrot

  1. L

    Long term pain management

    Hello, I have an old budgie that unfortunately seems to have a broken hip. She’s around 10 years old and I’ve been for a while trying to find ways to reduce her pain. She’s a happy little fella that lives in an aviary with a few other and still flies and sings and preens. But I can see that...
  2. C

    senior conure

    my conure is 23 and i am SO terrified of her dying, we adopted her about a year ago and she has helped me so much and i’m just so sad and worried about her leaving since she’s so old. does anyone have any tips on how to not be so sad over this? she’s not sick or anything i’m just worried
  3. tmkindo

    Pictures My lovebird's tip of her toe are swollen.

    Hi. My 10-year-old lovebird, Sunny, has arthritis on one leg and lives on the other foot most of the time. Since last month I noticed her healthy leg is slowly getting bigger. Due to her arthritis, I thought her leg was getting muscular because she has to support her whole body with one foot...
  4. Bonnetbird

    Want to build a custom "cage" for senior military macaw -need help!

    Hi everybody, I have come to the realization that there is no good cage out there for Bonnet. Her arthritis has gotten worse and she has been hanging on the top of her cage (not moving for long periods of time) which, leads to blisters. She really likes climbing up and over things and enjoys...
  5. Bonnetbird

    New member (again)with Senior Maroon Military Macaw

    Hi Everyone, Here after a feathered friend on Instagram reminded me that this forum exists. Bonnet is a wild born female military macaw between 40-60 years of age. She turned maroon about 5 years ago, is blind in her left eye and has frequent foot issues due to deformity and arthritis...